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Clans Of The Mythical is a Warrior Cats based story, revolved around 3 Clans. BlossomClan, TaigaClan, and MossClan.

Note: Not every cat will have a page. Some of the cats listed are simply fillers so "Unknown" will not be on everything.


3 mythical cats. One who brings life to the world around them, one who climbs the highest trees, and one who could do just about everything in the water, being able to run so agile even in the murky, mossy ground. These ancient cats, Blossom, Taiga, Moss, all creating a community together. Everything was peaceful, until a fight broke out. The 3 Clans fought on and on, barely even knowing why. Was it a curse from StarClan, for them to break their peace so suddenly?

All the leaders have fallen, many cats losing their lives.

But the Clans slowly have started to rebuild themselves, always remembering the nobility of their leaders, and passing on their traits to their kin.To this day, they still tell kits about the great fight, and how the 3 mythical leaders fought so much, and how they thought the world was going to be over.

The Big Fight

One day, in all the peace, Blossom got a vision that a war would be soon. Suddenly, TaigaClan attacked MossClan over the river, and BlossomClan joined in. Even though they knew there was barely a point, there was a force leading them to fight. All the Clans went against eachother, the river being fought over many times by TaigaClan and MossClan, many cat's lives were lost. Taiga fell first, then Blossom, then Moss. Once Taiga fell, and TaigaClan was trying to fight Moss for murdering their leader, Blossom offered to team up with Moss. She was in love with him, although he didn't know. He refused, and attacked BlossomClan. Despite Moss killing TaigaClan's leader, they joined in and combined forces. (This led to the river being shared, as it technically wasn't before, just simply TaigaClan taking fish time to time.) Moss killed Blossom first, but that made her clan avenge her, their fighting now fueled with rage. They soon killed Moss. All the leaders were gone, and the bloodshed was becoming less and less by the moments because they felt like there was no reason to fight anymore.

Once all the leaders were gone and truly in StarClan, a rainbow had appeared in the sky. This was a sign from StarClan saying the battle was over. Slowly, they rebuilt their Clans, with new leaders, and began to trust eachother again. Although there is quarrel, it will never be as bad as this fight that both destroyed the Clans and made them come to life again.





Cats of the Clans



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